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I do erotic 3D animation (sfm mostly for now), hope you enjoy my content!

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Posted by overlordalissa - December 10th, 2020

Hello everyone, hope you're all good. Sadly my exams are still not done, but they're almost there I believe. As long as I have nothing (probably just anxiety) or it's nothing major, I should be starting to work back on animations right away. I'm not 100% sure I'll get any images made before next month/year/January, but it is possible. But I'm pretty sure I should at least have a definitive answer about my health by then. Thank you all for those that are still interested. Good holidays and happy new year to you all!



Posted by overlordalissa - November 8th, 2020

As I said last month, I'd start giving an update at least once a month, so here it is. Well, unfortunately things haven't changed as much as I wanted. October was a bit rough here, I've been getting a bit sick somewhat often. Nothing serious, just some nausea for the most part, but it was enough to make it hard to focus. I'll be doing some check ups this month to see if I do have something or not then deal with it. I'll keep studying Blender whenever I get a day in which I'm feeling better, but at least this month I should get my answers, then for surely by the end of next month I'll have something, even if just an album on SFM or a short animation, assuming it's nothing serious. But I'm hopeful. WIsh you all a good month, stay safe!


Posted by overlordalissa - October 8th, 2020

Now that I'm at least tryharding a bit I feel like giving at least one monthly update should help you guys know when the most active months will come. That way you can better decide when to become patrons or just simply keep an eye in my uploads. So I'll start with this one and *TRY* to do this monthly update even in the worst or slow times.

I've started learning Blender, and I'm just focusing on it for now, so it stays fresh in my mind. It's hard to strart from scratch. I'm even doing the famous doughnut tutorial because I feel like I should know some of the modelling stuff so I can TRULY take advantage of the tools that SFM simply don't have when compared to blender. It's going slow as heck though, specially this past week since I got sick. I *probably* won't always mention exactly WHY I'm slow because I really don't want to just give excuses...BUT you can still expect things to be slow regardless, sorry. It's not my goal though and I'm NOT satisfied with it at all, just you know, my life changed a lot in the past few days and 2020 has been quite the year for everyone and the end of 2019 was extra rough for me, and the mess easily spread through 2020 as well. But things have been improving and I believe they'll finally move forward at a decent pace. Don't get your hopes TOO high but the day I say "Things have been going well and I'm working hard on the animations!" doesn't seem that distant anymore. So stay tuned and I hope you all have a wonderful day, week, month and so on!



Posted by overlordalissa - September 11th, 2020

Sorry, these last couple months have been rough around here. The things going on in the world and issues that arrived from it, it's been slowing me down. But starting next week I should be back to a decent speed, so I'll make sure to release something, even if it's an image set or something. I'll be trying to learn blender, I believe it will be better in the long run. Hope you're all doing good, stay safe, it's crazy out there!



Posted by overlordalissa - May 6th, 2020

Rainbow Mika and Laura Matsuda's animation has just been released on patreon! The public version should be released day 20, two weeks from now. Do check it out if you'd like to support me, releases there have no watermarks and have higher resolutions avaliable. Look forward to the public release otherwise. Thank you for the support and I hope you all have a good time!

Update: I'm was being ignorant and adjusted the tier 2 pricing on patreon to $2 bucks, which is much more fair for 1080p animations. Should have done my pricing research from the get go, as I completely forgot and left it there, but it should be all fair now. Enjoy!


Posted by overlordalissa - April 11th, 2020

Things have been quite chaotic lately, specially with what's been going on all over the world thanks to the new pandemic. But things are slowly getting better here and I've been working too, even if it will take much longer for WIPs and animations to come out. Eventually things should improve and I'll be posting and releasing animations faster for sure. Those are images of 2 different projects I'm working on, I think I showed them before but yeah, they're in the works once more.

Either way thank you for the continued support, have a good time and stay tuned for more, as the Mika and Laura one should be coming out soon (first on patreon)!

P.S.: Not sure if it would be a good idea to upload those as "art" here in newgrounds since I got the models from public places (and need to check the sources again for credits later), and it's not really the same as an animation, so I uploaded the 2 images to a pornhub album so you could take a look. I usually post WIPs only to patreon, but since it's been a while and things are slow, I wanted you to be aware that I am indeed working on something and it's taking shape. So here's the pornhub album link: https://www.pornhub.com/album/54599682



Posted by overlordalissa - March 3rd, 2020

Hello all! It's been a while, time flies. Life has been crazy on my end, and I'd rather not enter into details, I don't want to sound like I only have excuses. So here's some good news, I'm properly coming back to animating for now, it's just that it will be incredibly slow at first. If things keep getting better, I'll slowly return to a steady pace and at least have a chance to try and continue, and perhaps make it my full-time job. But that's going to take a while so for now, just be aware I'm back and working on some animations, 2 that I had before I stopped, and a new one, that was a request I got before I decided to stop doing requests. I'll honor it before I continue anything else. I'm not sure if I'll focus on SFM on Blender once I get that done and have more time for this, in case I decide to go with blender the SFM animations might stop, but then I'll at least make some renders, perhaps even comics while I study blender. We'll see. Thank you for those that sticked around and we'll see each other in the following months, hopefully at a faster pace each time.



Posted by overlordalissa - November 29th, 2019

(reposting from patreon)

Hey everyone! Hope you're all good. Sadly the situation hasn't changed much, but it's starting to look like it will change more from here on out...for better or worse. At the very least I'll know if I can return to this or put it on hold until I make my life stable. Though, I like to think it's more likely to get well, and then I'll finally be able to dedicate my time to this once more. My idea is to try and get about 1 year and half to put it all I have into this, and get good a decent following on patreon so I can be sure I have what it takes to invest on this and pursue this full time. Or at least part time. So keep an eye out, specially by the end of this year and the start of the next, for I'll believe that by then I'll at least know if I can continue this or not. Thank you all for sticking around or joining during this troublesome time and I hope you all have a good time!



Posted by overlordalissa - October 7th, 2019

Thank you for the support, really. I understand if you guys leave though, and I'm sorry, but the situation isn't getting better yet. Other problems surfaced and I'm not sure if I can keep doing those for a while. I 100% plan to come back to this for sure, but now I'm getting a complicated financial situation TOO, and I might have to give priority to it. But I'm not giving up for good, as you might have noticed, some stuff is missing, I deleted some videos that I felt could be...'damaging' on the long run. Let's leave it at that, and trust me with this one.

So, since I might need to go looking for a job, I'll have to focus my time on that. However! The odds aren't terrible:

1) If a get a job in animation, I can probably continue this. Slower, but I feel the quality should improve much faster.

2) If I get a job that's not too mentally and physically taxing, I'll continue this on my free time. Just naturally, much slower.

3) There's still a small chance that I'll get some extra time to keep trying this, but I'd need much better results and lots of patrons. I don't want to beg, I mean, if I do release more videos during this extra time I miiiight make it clear my situation is bad in the public videos, but I'm not sure yet. Doesn't feel very fair, we'll see. Also, there's another possible scenario which makes it possible for me to continue this for a while. Don't want to enter in details because it involves lots of personal-related explanations. Sorry. But as I've mentioned, someone in my family has depression, so you can believe me when I say this shitty situation isn't just bad, this shit is shit.

3) Once it's all solved and stable, I'll come back and try again for sure.

So actually, do keep an eye out for me for the next 1~2ish months, because at least by then I should be able to tell if which situation I landed on with those 3 numbers there, alright? Thank you again and have a good time!

(Repost from patreon, just so you aren't out of the loop)


Posted by overlordalissa - September 9th, 2019

Sorry folks but sadly I'm in a very complicated situation right now. A very close family member of mine is going through depression, and it's really messing with me. I'm having a hard time even having any sort of fun for now, as this just started. I want to work on this and keep going, but for now I just can't. I'll try my best to work a bit here and there, I don't want to stop, but at least for a while things will be super slow, at least until either my mind gets used to this situation or maybe they get better.

I hope you understand and I'm really sorry. I'll still try and add a few hours of work when I feel even slightly motivated, and I'm sure that I'll get over it, one way or another, in due time.