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Hello there! Welcome to Overlord Alissa's page!
I do erotic 3D animation (sfm mostly for now), hope you enjoy my content!

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Posted by overlordalissa - June 18th, 2021

Hello you all! Hope you're all good. So, things are progressing, just a bit slow like usual. It's been hard to find that big energy to go fully into things BUT I am enjoying this and I believe it's only natural I'll get deeper into it and go all in. Of course I can't tell if it will be full-time naughty animations, it depends on if things work out with patreon and such but there's no doubt I really do enjoy animating and want to make that my career. I've been messing around with blender more and really enjoying it. I'm getting to the point where I'll start animating soon. I just get excited with side stuff, specially since blender offers much more than SFM, so I've been looking into things like making some sexy bulges, sweat, etc, things that would be hard or impossible on SFM, so I get sidetracked. But I'm getting there. I believe I MIGHT finally have at least a very short animation by next month! Either way I just wanted to say I'm getting into it, I'm just...slow is all. But I am spending more and more time messing with it, watching tutorials, etc, so I believe it should pick up the pace soon! And don't worry I don't expect unrealistic support on patreon until I am pumping out content frequently and doing a decent job. But just know that any little help counts, even as incentive. Either way truly keep your eyes out animations are truly coming soon, and now finally on blender, well, assuming my pc doesn't explode while rendering stuff, I did not expect it to much slower than SFM but it is...but I'll make it work, though it might mean shorter scenes will be more common until I get an upgrade.

I hope 2021 is treating you well and keeps doing so! Stay safe, stay tuned, and have fun!




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