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I do erotic 3D animation (sfm mostly for now), hope you enjoy my content!

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Posted by overlordalissa - January 10th, 2021

Hello everyone, hope 2021 has been good to you all. Happy new year (late)! So, turns out I had vitamin D deficiency. It likely made my anxiety worse and might have been the cause of my nausea and indigestion as well as the overall 'unwellness' and tiredness. Either way I have to take some vitamin pills for 2 months and even though it's only been 1 month since then, I already feel way better. Not sure if placebo or not but I do indeed feel much better. So I'll be resuming my Blender studies either right away or soonish. So maaaybe I'll have something by the next update? Not 100% sure yet but it's quite possible. I'd say that by March it's certain I'll have something new posted, even if small, and should pick up the pace slowly. Sorry for the repeated delays but now that I feel much better and CAN look back at the situation, I can tell I was indeed feeling really bad. I guess was trying to accept and get used to it since I was bad for quite a while...but as soon as you do feel better you can tell how bad you were.

Either way I hope 2021 treats us well. I'll see you soon, have a good time!

P.S.: If you're feeling more unwell/tired than usual, do check your Vitamin D levels and also make sure to take some decent amount of sun daily or weekly. It really will mess your health and it's very likely now due to the virus outbreak. You want to make sure you DON'T get to the your vitamin D levels are low, it's easier to prevent the issue than fix it. Cheaper too.




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