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I do erotic 3D animation (sfm mostly for now), hope you enjoy my content!

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Posted by overlordalissa - August 2nd, 2019

As I've mentioned in the animation I posted today, I might not add sound to some of my posts. I live in a very, very noisy environment that not even headphones are able to help much. The only time it's somewhat quite is way past midnight, which limits how much time I have avaliable to mess with audio. Not only that but I'm just not good at it yet, and I prefer to focus on improving animation first, I plan on trying out blender and even 3d modeling eventually. I won't give up on sound though, I will try to improve it for sure, but if it holds back an upload for too long, I'll either release it with the typical sound quality (if it's a large project or something that just feels like it NEEDS some sound) or I'll release it without any sound.

Someone can always add sound if they want, as long as they keep my watermark AND once things do improve, once I get better at it and/or move away from the noisy place, I can always go back and simply add sound to it, maybe even remake the audio of previously released content.

With that said, I have 2 projects on the making (besides the full scene for futa Nualia), so look forward to it! Have a good one!


Posted by overlordalissa - July 25th, 2019

I've been having some health issues since last week. Nothing life threatening but troublesome enough to render me unable to focus on work. I'm getting better now finally but things should be delayed by 1~2 weeks or more, unfortunately. I'll try to come back to it at full speed and do a bit extra to make up for the time loss, but it will still take a while to catch up. The two remaining loops and the public release of that Nualia Paizuri will be coming next month, probably with one loop at day 1, so stay tuned!


Posted by overlordalissa - June 29th, 2019

Next month will be full of goodies! I've started to implement a new idea to make more out of each animation: Loops, alternative angles and maybe little variations even. The Nualia paizuri (that's already released on patreon) will have quite a few of those, all while I'm working on a new project (Ponies!) too. Those loops and such allow me to keep giving you content, even if based off the last project, while I work on the next. With that said, should have something new every week next month, so stick with me for lots of stuff.

Should start day 1 at best, with both a loop based off the complete Nualia Paizuri with sound. I'll do something a bit different and release all loops/etc based off that project and then release the full one by the end of the month. So if you have ever consider supporting me on patreon but didn't, this is a good a month to do so! Even $1 tier helps and grants you those videos in higher quality before they go public. You can always cancel by the end of the next month if you believe it wasn't worth it.

Either way or another, lots of content next month, every week. Thank you for your support, and may you all have a good day!



Posted by overlordalissa - January 20th, 2019

Well, I've been rather sick ever since Xmas. I'd rather not get too personal but believe me when I say it completely drained me for several weeks and even now I'm still not 100%, and while it was bad I simply couldn't focus in animating anything. It was quite mentally taxing to me, so I'm slowly recovering my so I can focus on animating for longer periods of time. Even still I kept working on my current vid and it's almost done. Lots of updates and WIP stuff at my patreon in case you want a peek. Can't tell when it will be done but very, very soon as long as my computer doesn't explode or something. 

Happy 2019 to you all and stay tuned for some sexy stuff!

Posted by overlordalissa - December 23rd, 2018

I'm not sure yet how long it will be but the animation quality is superior I believe. WIP previews at patreon and once it's finished it will be uploated here. It's with Mei and Pharah.

Posted by overlordalissa - December 4th, 2018

With tumblr deciding to block out Erotic content, I had no choice but to look for other means of distributing my content. I can't believe I didn't think about newgrounds sooner, I've always loved the site. Now that's done, enjoy the content!