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I do erotic 3D animation (sfm mostly for now), hope you enjoy my content!

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Posted by overlordalissa - October 7th, 2019

Thank you for the support, really. I understand if you guys leave though, and I'm sorry, but the situation isn't getting better yet. Other problems surfaced and I'm not sure if I can keep doing those for a while. I 100% plan to come back to this for sure, but now I'm getting a complicated financial situation TOO, and I might have to give priority to it. But I'm not giving up for good, as you might have noticed, some stuff is missing, I deleted some videos that I felt could be...'damaging' on the long run. Let's leave it at that, and trust me with this one.

So, since I might need to go looking for a job, I'll have to focus my time on that. However! The odds aren't terrible:

1) If a get a job in animation, I can probably continue this. Slower, but I feel the quality should improve much faster.

2) If I get a job that's not too mentally and physically taxing, I'll continue this on my free time. Just naturally, much slower.

3) There's still a small chance that I'll get some extra time to keep trying this, but I'd need much better results and lots of patrons. I don't want to beg, I mean, if I do release more videos during this extra time I miiiight make it clear my situation is bad in the public videos, but I'm not sure yet. Doesn't feel very fair, we'll see. Also, there's another possible scenario which makes it possible for me to continue this for a while. Don't want to enter in details because it involves lots of personal-related explanations. Sorry. But as I've mentioned, someone in my family has depression, so you can believe me when I say this shitty situation isn't just bad, this shit is shit.

3) Once it's all solved and stable, I'll come back and try again for sure.

So actually, do keep an eye out for me for the next 1~2ish months, because at least by then I should be able to tell if which situation I landed on with those 3 numbers there, alright? Thank you again and have a good time!

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Hope you can get back to creating art soon!